Wood Village as a WWII Town

One of Oregon's first planned communities, learn more about the city's World War II origins as we celebrate Veteran's Day

War-Time Boom

Wood Village sprang to life on 50 acres of farmland around the Arata Estate in 1942 to house workers from the Reynolds Aluminum Factory during World War II.

W. C. Bauman constructed 183 homes and 264 temporary apartments.

One of the first planned communities in Oregon was born complete with:

  • Single and multi-family housing
  • Streets
  • Stores
  • A water system
  • A sewage treatment plant
  • Street lights
  • A community building

Map of Hudson Street Homes, published around 1943; Source: Multnomah County Library

The temporary apartments and the community building, which served as the old City Hall, are gone now, but the Original Village is still a vital part of the community. The road marked as Arata Road on the map (c. 1943) below later became NE 238th Drive.