Rental Inspection Program

Wood Village has a goal to provide a safe, clean, livable community with a sense of pride, quality housing, and a strong identity. To help achieve that goal, the City Council adopted a Rental Housing Inspection program.

The Rental Inspection Program operates by having the landlord distribute a checklist to all tenants and returning a signed statement to the City. The Rental Inspection Instruction Sheet (PDF) contains additional information. The checklist covers the requirements for a safe living environment. Tenants may fill out the checklist and mail it back to the City of Wood Village with a prepaid envelope. To the extent that any tenants identify issues with their rented space, the City will conduct inspections to assure the area is safe, and that maintenance issues are resolved in a manner that assures the tenants have safe housing.

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Please call City Hall at (503) 667-6211 with any questions, or to obtain additional information about this program.