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John Miner – Mayor, Term Ends 12/31/26

Jairo Rios-Campos, Council President– Term ends 12/31/24

Lynnea Amend – Term Ends 12/31/24

Mark Clark – Term Ends 12/31/26

Dara Tan – Term Ends 12/31/24


City Councilors are elected every four (4) years from the City at large.

Choosing a Mayor

The Councilors choose who will serve as the Mayor from amongst themselves every two (2) years.

Council Meetings

Regular City Council meetings are typically held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. at City Hall.

City Council meetings are open to the public. Attendance is encouraged.

To view upcoming Council meetings, visit our Events page.

Contact Your Councilors

The City Council serves on a volunteer basis and does not have offices at City Hall. The best way to reach a Council member is by email or attending a City Council meeting.

Mayor John C. Miner

Council President Jairo Rios-Campos

Councilor Lynnea Amend

Councilor Mark Clark


Updated 05/08/23: There are no current openings.


Goal 1:  A safe, clean, inclusive community with a sense of pride and strong identity.

Goal 2:  Exemplary police, fire and building services.

Goal 3:  High Quality, cost-effective public utilities, parks and events.

Goal 4:  Long-term financial stability, economic vitality and growth.

Goal 5:  A work environment that develops and encourages employees and rewards their creativity and innovation.

Goal 6:  Effective local, state and regional partnerships.

Goal 7:  Responsible environmental leadership.

Goal 8:  Intentional Community Engagement