City Council

About City Council


City Councilors are elected every four (4) years from the City at large.

Choosing a Mayor

The Councilors choose who will serve as the Mayor from amongst themselves every two (2) years.

Council Meetings

Regular City Council meetings are typically held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. at City Hall.

City Council meetings are open to the public. Attendance is encouraged.

To view upcoming Council meetings, visit our Events page.

Current Openings

Updated 05/08/23: There are no current openings.

Meet Your Councilmembers

John C. Miner

I have great hope and expectations for our city and believe that working together over the next decade we can continue to retain our unique and desirable small city atmosphere.”

Term Ends 12/31/26

Jairo Rios-Campos
Council President

“What serving means to me is giving a voice to those in my community that have felt they are not being heard and letting them know that anyone can be on City Council.”

Term Ends 12/31/24

Lynnea Amend

“I believe that through mutual aid, careful planning, and innovation, we can continue to build and support a thriving community in Wood Village.”

Term Ends 12/31/24

Mark Clark

“Realizing my work as a councilor was not complete, I returned to the City Council with a desire to continue helping our community develop.”

Term Ends 12/31/26

Dara Tan

“I enjoy being an advocate for our community, supporting the goals for a prosperous and safe city! It’s about building a strong community through purpose and connection with our members!”

Term Ends 12/31/24

City Council Goals

Goal 1:  A safe, clean, inclusive community with a sense of pride and strong identity.
Goal 2:  Exemplary police, fire and building services.
Goal 3:  High Quality, cost-effective public utilities, parks and events.
Goal 4:  Long-term financial stability, economic vitality and growth.
Goal 5:  A work environment that develops and encourages employees and rewards their creativity and innovation.
Goal 6:  Effective local, state and regional partnerships.
Goal 7:  Responsible environmental leadership.
Goal 8:  Intentional Community Engagement