Urban Renewal

Urban Planning & Redevelopment

The City Council created the Wood Village Urban Renewal District in February 2010 to provide future funding for infrastructure systems, incentives for private investment, and redevelopment of certain commercial and residential areas.


Board members

The Wood Village Urban Renewal Agency is comprised of 3 City Councilors and 3 members of the community.  Their purpose is to oversee the Urban Renewal Plan and progress within the City.

  • Chair T. Scott Harden: City Council – Term Expires 12/31/20
  • Vice-Chair Stan Dirks: Community Member – Term Expires 12/31/18
  • Patricia Smith: City Council – Term Expires 12/31/20
  • Craig Howard:  Community Member – Term Expires 12/31/18
  • Steven Morasch: Community Member – Term Expires 12/31/20