Rental Housing Program

If you are a rental property owner, the City of Wood Village requires that you purchase an annual rental license. Please contact City Hall (503) 667-6211 when you purchase property that will be used for rental purposes.

The City of Wood Village also has a Rental Inspection Program.

Rental Property License & Fees

  • Wood Village’s Municipal Code, Chapter 5.20 requires all rental property owners to pay an annual license fee of $20 per rental unit located within the City.
  • Invoices are typically mailed each year in December.
  • If a rental unit is maintained and held for 180 days or less in a calendar year, the license fee is prorated to equal ½ of the calculated fee.
  • The annual fee is established by resolution of the City Council.
  • See the master fee schedule for more information.
Apply for a Rental Property License

Delinquent Water & Sewer Charges on Rental Property

  • Wood Village Municipal Code, Chapters 13.04 and 13.12 designate the property owner as ultimately responsible for any delinquent water and sewer user fees incurred by the tenant.
  • Notice will be sent to the property owner when a tenant’s utility account is delinquent, and the property is facing a potential shut-off.
  • We make every effort to collect from the tenant for services provided before requiring payment from the property owner.
  • Please notify the City immediately when tenants change to update our records.
  • You are welcome to leave the utility billing in your name, therefore, always knowing the status of payment for the property.