Wood Village Census FAQ

2020 Census FAQ (DOCX)

2020 Census:  A Few Minutes will Change the Next 10 years

The Cities of Fairview and Wood Village have launched a local census campaign to empower every person living in our communities to participate in the Decennial—every 10 years—Census. During the 2010 Census, Fairview and Wood Village shared a census tract that had the 3rd lowest response-rate in Oregon and the lowest response-rate in Multnomah County. This indicates that we had a population undercount, which means we are not receiving the right amount of resources for our area.

Why should I care about an undercount?

When people are not counted then it appears like they don’t live here. Then when we make plans for road improvements or to increase bus routes, areas with an undercount receive fewer services than they need for the actual population. Besides day-to-day services, during large natural disasters, population data from the Census Bureau is used to estimate evacuation and care needs. The data is also used to re-draw congressional boundaries, apportion seats in the federal House of Representatives, and re-distribute billions of tax dollars across the United States.

2020 Census Starts on March 12

Everyone living in the U.S. can start to take the 2020 Census on March 12.  This is the first year you can take it online or over the phone. It will become the permanent record of our population count for the next 10 years. In March, every household will receive a mailing from the U.S. Census Bureau with instructions to visit their website to fill out the 2020 Census. Upon logging onto the Bureau’s website, each household will fill out a 12-question form. *Sometimes, the mailing will be addressed to someone else, like the landlord, at that address—if you live there then the mailer is meant for you.

If you do not do the Census, a total of five mailers will be sent to your address. The first three will serve as reminders, the fourth mailer will come with a physical 2020 Census questionnaire and the fifth mailer will inform you that an enumerator will come to your house. Completing the Census questionnaire early is the best way to avoid having an enumerator come to your home. Enumerators will come by your house up to 3 times and then they will go to your neighbor’s house to get your info.

I don’t want share personal information about my family

The information provided to the Census Bureau is private and confidential. The Federal Cybersecurity Enhancement Act of 2015 ensures that your information and data are protected from external cybersecurity risks. Your name, address, and telephone number will never be disclosed or published. Federal Law Title 13 protects everyone’s information. The Census Bureau cannot share it with Homeforward, the police, or immigration Enforcement. Any violation is punishable by 5 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Every person, including children, and long-term guests need to be included on your census form.

Do I need a social security number?

No, you do not need a social security number or a state ID. You will only be asked to give your name, birthdate, and relationship to the head-of-household. The census is meant to count everyone—no matter your citizenship or resident status, everyone living in Oregon counts.

Who is the head-of-household?

The term ‘head-of-household’ has historically meant the oldest male in the home but traditional family configurations have changed. Your house will need to select an adult to be the head-of-household.

What if we have 2 families living in one house?

That’s normal for our area and some people will have more than two families at one location. Some families will not want to share personal info with each other. Each family should select an adult to be the head-of-household and then together they should call the Census Bureau over the phone and explain that there are 2+ families that need to do the Census.

What if I live at a nursing home, group home, or I’m in a program?

If you live in a group setting, you will go through the group enumeration process.

Make sure to talk with the manager at your property to ensure they have scheduled a time with the Census Bureau to be counted in group enumeration. On average, 1 in 3 group settings do not participate in Group Enumeration and the people living on-site are not counted in the Census.

I know someone that needs a translator

Many people requested translation services. Starting March 12, the Census bureau will provide live translation over the phone in 13 languages including Spanish, Russian, and Simple Chinese.  Fairview and Wood Village will have Census Questionnaire Language Books onsite at our City Halls in 59 languages and in large print and braille. Our partners will also be helping with translation services.

Census Community Partners

City of Fairview(503) 665-7929

City of Wood Village(503) 667-6211

Multnomah County(503) 988-5213

State of Oregon – Partnership Team Lead:  (971) 409-9291

Census Bureau/ (800) 923-8282

#WeCountOregon – Contact via website

East County Rising / Latino Network

Beyond Black, 971-804-8889 / Slavic Family Center(503) 238-9000

Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization(503) 234-1541

Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon(503) 421-5237

Volunteer with our Census Committee / (503) 674-6236