Tiny Homes & RVs

Tiny Homes

As part of the annual workplan, the City Council directed that tiny homes be researched and evaluated to see if it could be used in Wood Village to help with housing affordability and housing security.  With the help of a Portland State Graduate Student Capstone project, a concept was presented and shared with the community.  Based on that research and the community feedback, the Council has decided not to move forward with the concept.  You can learn more about the concept, what the feedback and concerns were, as well as a report from the Capstone Team on how other places could implement tiny homes below.

What is the Concept?

As developed the main elements of the concept included:

  • In the LR 7.5 and LR 12 zones, 1 tiny home on wheels or RV could be placed behind the primary home on a property after submitting a permit application to site the unit and separate permits for the required utilities.
  • A tiny home on wheels or RV would be required to have permitted utility connections, including water, sewer, and electricity.
  • The unit must be on an approved pad and within the setbacks of the zone.
The 2 images outline where a tiny home could go, as well as the utility connections.

Additional FAQs on the concept (PDF)

Please contact City Manager Greg Dirks with any questions or additional background and information on this work and concept.