Shut-Offs Notice

As mentioned in the January 2022 newsletter and after a two-year pause, late fees and shut-offs for non-payment on City utilities are resuming. Late fees for the January bill have already occurred, and shut-Offs for non-payment are scheduled for March 22nd. For those who are still recovering from the economic hardships caused by the COVID pandemic, our Utility Assistance Program still has funds available, assisting with water, electricity, gas, and garbage bills. We encourage our residents who are behind on their bills, especially City water and sewer, to apply before the shut-off date as funds are running low. The program will end when funds are gone. Applications and details are available in person at City Hall, 24200 NE Halsey Street and on the City's website at Utility Assistance Program. ⁠

This is a free program funded by our ARPA funds to aid those impacted by the COVID pandemic. The City does not share any personal information in the application with any other entity or organization, and it is separate from other benefit or assistance programs.⁠