Road Construction Update: Arata Road

NE Arata Road construction update for August 21, 2020

A contractor is working on final improvements on Northeast Arata Road in the City of Wood Village as part of a total rebuild of the road between Northeast 223rd Avenue and Northeast 238th Drive.

Recent Work

The remaining work is at the west end of the road, between Northeast 223rd Avenue and Wood Village Boulevard. The work is considered “in water work” and environmental rules only allow the work to take place in summer when water levels in No Name Creek are low.

The contractor is extending two culvert pipes that carry the creek under Arata Road.  One is 21 inches wide, while the other is 42 inches wide.  After the pipes are extended, a concrete headwall will be built where the pipes exit under the north side of the road, to support the 10-foot wide path above.  The final work will add the last section of the concrete path.

Other Recent Work

  • Removed water from work zone and diverted creek
  • Removed existing riprap rock from creek. These are rocks installed to stabilize the creek bed and reduce erosion.
  • Excavated for culvert headwall
  • Poured concrete for headwall footing
  • Installed steel rebar for headwall
  • Extended culvert pipes
  • County crew removed weeds along path

Traffic Control

  • Flaggers direct two-way traffic during working hours with one lane closed
  • The north sidewalk is closed between Northeast 223rd Ave. and Wood Village Blvd.

Upcoming Work

  • The contractor will pour the concrete headwall section today after all rebar and form work is completed. The form box holds the wet concrete in place while it cures or hardens.
  • After the headwall concrete is to strength next week, the contractor will add backfill
  • Riprap rock will be reinstalled in creek
  • Preparation work for the north sidewalk installation
  • Install north sidewalk and planters

For more information, visit the Multnomah County website.