Oregon Rent Relief Due to COVID-19

The State of Oregon has put together an $8.5 million Coronavirus relief package to help tenants pay rent during the pandemic. The money has been divided between 18 local agencies who are tasked with distributing fund to renters, who under the statewide eviction moratorium can delay rent but have to pay it back once the moratorium ends. This brought on widespread fear that once the moratorium ends, renters would be left with with large backlogs of rent payments that would lead to mass evictions.

Who Can Get Money?

Anyone who makes up to 50% of the area median income can apply for rent relief. Applicants will be prioritized based on need, and those who’ve been financially impacted by the pandemic will be highest on the list. With the unemployment rate spiking, most of the money will go to those applicants whose loss of income is COVID-related.

Renters will need to show proof of income loss. The specific forms of documentation required will vary by agency.

What Can It Be Used For?

The money is meant to address some of the backlog of rent payments. This means it can be used to cover April and May rent, as well as future payments. Tenants whose applications are accepted should see the money go straight from the agency to their landlord.

How To Apply?

The state’s housing finance agency has provided contact numbers for each organization, which can be found below. Renters should give the organization a call or go on their website to find out more specifics on how to apply.

The state has also set aside nearly $456,000 as part of the rent relief program to help farm workers make rent. The Oregon Human Development Corporation, a nonprofit that assists farm workers statewide, will be distributing the money. Eligible renters should call (855) 215-6158.

Agency Contacts