Multnomah County Snow & Ice Plan

Multnomah County’s snow and ice plan for roads is online!

With the arrival of snow in our region this week, Multnomah County Transportation reminds county road users that their snow and ice plan is available online at .

The plan identifies which county roads are the highest priority for road maintenance response in a snow or ice event:

  • Priority 1 Routes: These are the most heavily used arterial routes, where schools, hospitals, fire stations and important emergency services are located.  These roads receive the first and highest level of service in a snow or ice event.  Examples of Priority 1 roads are NW Skyline Blvd. in west county and SE Oxbow Drive in east county.
  • Priority 2 Routes: These are secondary roads, often residential side roads, which are plowed and sanded when resources become available, after Priority 1 roads are deemed safe for travel. In severe storm conditions, this may not occur for two or three days. Examples of Priority 2 roads are NW Newberry Road in west county and NE Mershon Road in east county.

The snow and ice plan web page includes a map that shows the Priority 1 and 2 roads.  Multnomah County maintains the highest elevation roads in the county, including Larch Mountain Road in the Corbett area and sections of NW Skyline Blvd. in the rural west hills.

For more information, visit their Snow and Ice Plan webpage.  Multnomah County maintains 274 miles of roads in unincorporated areas and four east county cities, and five Willamette River bridges in Portland.