Multipurpose Field Restoration

The main field area at Donald L. Robertson Park is one of our greatest park features. At just under five acres, it hosts many events and activities. This field gets used a lot, from athletics like soccer and softball to family events and picnics, or simply an ample space to play! While it may be a good picnic spot or place to walk your pet, it’s not in the best condition for sporting or other large events. That’s why the City has been strategically investing in refurbishing the field. It began in 2018 with the restoration of the irrigation system, and now we’re working on the field itself.

The City contracted with Pacific Sports Turf for this incredible project. Pacific Sports Turf is very familiar with East Multnomah County. They have completed work for Reynolds School District, the City of Gresham, and the Gresham/Barlow School District. The field restoration is scheduled to begin in early November and is a two-part process, with a Fall and Spring treatment. The scope of work includes:

  • Fertilizing
  • Small Hole Filling
  • Top Dressing
  • Seeding

For this project to succeed, the field area will be off-limits for all uses for a few weeks. In addition, City staff will install temporary barriers to prevent any damage. We want to thank you for your patience during the Fall and Spring rehabilitation. The goal is to provide a safe surface for everyone to enjoy.

Later this year, we’ll also be working on learning more about how you use and want to use the field area so we can plan for additional future improvements. It’s our goal to accommodate as many uses as possible, so look for more information in future newsletters and postings.