Meet the New Faces of Wood Village

New City Volunteer Positions

The City of Wood Village welcomes new additions to our newest City Councilors, including a newly appointed mayor, and committee/commission members.

Welcome Mayor Miner

John C. Miner headshotIn 2012, after retiring and moving back to our family property on Arata Road, my wife Jan and I were committed to doing our part, however little it might be in creating and growing our sense of ownership and pride in our City – in how it looks and feels as we walk, bike and travel with families, children and individuals throughout our neighborhoods.

After serving on the City Council for the last four years, at our January 2023 City Council meeting, I was elected by the City Council to serve as the 12th Mayor of Wood Village. The City of Wood Village for years has been well-managed with a staff of skilled and experienced professionals who are dedicated and committed to the residents, families and businesses in our city. In addition to our outstanding staff, I have learned that the many volunteers who serve on our committees, Parks and Planning Commissioners, City Council and other roles that help provide overall guidance and direction for the City are absolutely necessary and essential.

Former Mayor Scott Harden has been a dedicated leader in East County in addressing and actively seeking and supporting solutions for our Homeless/Houseless families and individuals. This important work will continue. The Council will, in addition, focus on improving our strategies and techniques for engaging with the community and attracting individuals to play a part in helping set priorities and direction for our City. Critical to the overall livability in our City will be an ongoing focus on public safely for our families, residents and businesses through our long standing successful partnership with the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department.

I have great hope and expectations for our City and believe that working together over the next decade we can continue to retain our unique and desirable small city atmosphere. Importantly, we can do this while taking full advantage of growing our partnerships and opportunities with our neighboring cities, counties and regional partners. I look forward to serving as Mayor of Wood Village and feel staff and the many volunteers who give of their time and energy to serve and support our community members, families and businesses. Jan and I will continue our morning walks playing our small part by picking up litter along Wood Village Boulevard. A cup of coffee in hand and our Boxer in tow – these walks are always good for the soul! It’s the little things that we all can do that will continue to improve and make Wood Village the friendly city that we all feel safe in and are proud to call home. There are a number of events scheduled in the near future for our Wood Village community, and we hope that you will be involved in any way that will work for you!

John C. Miner, Mayor

Welcome (Back) Mark Clark

Mark Clark headshotMary, my wife, and I have lived in Wood Village for close to 22-years, enjoying most every moment being here. We have made many friends and enjoy staying busy with plenty of activities. Our neighbors are wonderful, thoughtful and we watch out for each other. We have lived in many countries and states and have enjoyed each and every one of those, including the people we’ve met and friends we've made there. I was educated in California, Canada, and England before joining the United States Air Force serving as a Civil Engineer, specifically in electrical and mechanical fields, then in work control. With that knowledge, I was hired as a director of Public Works for many years after trying my skills as a contractor.

Mary and I also owned and operated a B&B for many years and did quite well. I even owned an old time Gas Station for a bit, attempting to run it like was back in the 1950's. Noticed I stated "Attempted,” it never caught on. We have children that we love most of the time, grandchildren and a great-grandchild that we love all the time.

Welcome Melissa Thomas

Melissa Thomas headshotMelissa Thomas is the newest member to join the Budget Committee this year. Melissa has been interested in accounting since high school and has been a bookkeeper for 20 years. In that time she has been a full charge bookkeeper for a small business, a loan finance manager, and a mortgage loan processor. She is currently very proud of the project she is working on with the children’s business fair; teaching children to open their own business. She is passionate about helping our youth and teaching them how dreams can become goals through entrepreneurship.

Raised with service as a family value, Melissa is excited to give back to the city and learn more about budgeting on a larger scale all while working to improve the community and put smiles on faces by using her knowledge and positive attitude. She has quite the financial background and is up to the task taking into account the ups and downs of financing on a city-level.

Welcome Janice Dole

Janice Dole headshotBig welcome to Janice Dole, our newly appointed member of the Wood Village Planning Commission.

Janice comes to us with a Bachelor of Science degree in Community Development, a masters Real Estate certificate, and many classes towards a Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning. In the past, she has worked for many construction companies and for the City of Portland Bureau of Development Services.

Volunteering has been an important part of Janice’s life. As a parent, she was involved in her daughter’s schools and has contributed as a citizen participant on public works projects in the past. While Janice is fairly new to Wood Village, having just moved here in 2020, she looks forward to being an active citizen in Wood Village and being part of the Planning Commission.

New City Employees

At the beginning of this year, the City added 2 new employees to our Public Works team.

Welcome Erika Normine

Erika Normine headshotI was born in Klamath Falls but was raised around the Rockwood area most of my life. While I was at Reynolds High School, I completed an internship with the City of Fairview. I continued employment with the City through the Finance Department and some time with Public Works, even after graduating. There was a 4-year gap I dabbled in some other careers like Accounting and Taxes.

Ultimately, I came back to the City of Fairview to work in Public Works full time. I always enjoyed working with and for the public to make the City a better place to live in. I have four children that keep me busy between school activities and just day to day entertainment. I am always striving to be a better version of myself not only for my family but for everyone that I interact with throughout each day.

Welcome James Young

James Young headshotMy family and I have been residents of Wood Village / Troutdale area for just under a decade now. We are avid outdoor enthusiasts and run booths at Fairview and Troutdale outdoor markets. As a member of the team, I am excited to contribute to this community and am looking forward to a great spring and summer season in the park!

During my time here I hope to bring in some solid resource management practices, from composting onsite to creating a greater experience inside of the park. Please feel free to introduce yourself if you see me out and about in the park. I am always interested in meeting my neighbors and hearing different ideas on what the community wants in their park experience.

It takes all of us to make this community great! Thank you for doing your part!