Main Streets on Halsey

The Main Streets on Halsey plan is the product of a year-long effort of planning and outreach along the Halsey corridor in Fairview, Wood Village and Troutdale. The effort included a hands-on design workshop, interactive polling, and surveys to understand community desires for the Halsey corridor. The plan covers topics such as the vision and guiding principles, the economic development strategies, land use and transportation recommendations, market analysis, challenges and opportunities, key results from public workshops, and a summary of existing plans related to the corridor.

Much of the initiative for a focus on Halsey has been led by land owners along Halsey. These visionary investors are looking to make this part of East County a special place, and their tireless efforts have shaped this plan, and our area.

The partners along the roadway are the three Cities, the County and the land owners. The plan identifies specific actions to work together to develop an updated corridor, from developable lands to roadway improvements needed on the length of the area. The most important part of the work is to seek an identity that will let the region know this is a special place. From art work and identification signs to “cool stuff” to bring folks to the roadway for a walk or to spend time along the corridor, the plan relies on partners to invest. The identified improvements and investments pending along the corridor show nearly 126 acres of land, 1,300 housing units, 1,400 jobs, and total investments in the area of over $479 Million dollars.

To make this all happen, each of the partners will consider an agreement to actively participate in the Halsey Community Collaborative Compact (HC3), and agreement to work together to make Main Street on Halsey become a reality.