Leaf Drop Program

The City's annual Leaf Drop Program is back this year from October 24 until December 31, 2022.

Wood Village community members may drop off leaves and small branches – No trash please.  Adding your trash ends up costing you and the City extra money to sort. Transport containers should be taken with you.

The drop area is in the main parking lot against the wall north of the Play Area at Donald L. Robertson Park.  Leaves should be left loose in the designated area.

Donald L Robertson satellite image

Fall Yard Prep

With the arrival of winter it's time to prepare your yard before bad weather hits. Here are some tips for fall yard maintenance:

  • “Mulch” small amounts of leaves by mowing over them
  • Mow your lawn shorter by 1 to 2 inches in late fall
  • Stow your lawn furniture
  • Check your gutters for debris
  • Trim back overgrown weeds, vines, and tree limbs
  • Regularly clear heavy leaf falls
  • Utilize the City’s Annual Leaf Drop at Donald L. Robertson Park