HB 2001

On May 26th, the Wood Village City Council and Planning Commission took action to adopt Zoning and Development Code revisions to be in compliance with HB 2001.

The full code is here and you can read summary information below.

HB 2001 Full Code (PDF)

The revisions will take effect June 26, 2022.

What is HB 2001

HB 2001 is an Oregon law that requires cities of a certain size and type to allow for “middle housing” in areas that have historically been zoned exclusively for detached single-family housing.  Wood Village is one of those cities required to comply with the law.  Middle housing includes duplexes, triplexes, quadplexes, townhouses, and cottage cluster development. Please note, this is different than the tiny home concept.  Tiny Homes are not part of HB 2001 and is a separate non-required idea.

At minimum, the HB 2001 requires specific revisions to the City's residential areas.  A summary of those revisions are below as well as Frequently Asked Questions which can be downloaded.  The full code can be viewed at the end of the summary as well as your opportunity to comment on the proposed code.  The City Council and Planning Commission will be voting on HB 2001 revisions at the May 26th meeting.

HB 2001 FAQ (PDF)

HB 2001 Code Summary

Housing Types Allowed

  • Detached single-family
  • (The following can be attached or detached)
  • Duplex
  • Tri-Plex
  • Quad-Plex
  • Townhomes
  • Cottage Clusters

Required Design Elements for all Street Facing Homes

  • Minimum 20% of street facing walls must be windows or entrance doors
  • Minimum roof pitch of 5/12 and can include open or boxed gable, hip, hip and valley, or Dutch gable. Flat or shed style roof designs are not permitted.
  • At least 4 of the following items:
    • Roof dormer
    • Balcony
    • Bay window
    • Recessed entryway
    • Covered entryway
    • Open porch


  • Front reduced to 10 feet
  • Rear reduced to 15 feet (20 feet for corner lots)

Site Coverage

  • Maximum site coverage increased to 45%


  • No additional parking can be mandated where there is current on-site parking
  • On street parking credit must be given for townhomes/cottage clusters


  • Townhomes have a minimum lot size of 1,500 square feet
  • Townhomes can have zero-foot setback when attached to another townhome
  • Townhomes can have 70% site coverage