Cottonwood Waterline Project

As a water provider, it is our responsibility and duty to ensure that every property has adequate water pressure. The Cottonwood Condominium complex off of 238th Dr. is located at the highpoint of our lower water pressure zone. For this reason, the condominiums experience the lowest water pressure in the city’s system. Residents living in the area have complained for years of low water pressure, particularly those with showers on the second level of their homes. Water pressure reduces approximately ½ pound for each vertical foot, so pressures upstairs are about 6 pounds lower than pressures on the main floor.

This project will create a new service zone for the development area, increasing the water pressure. The current pressure ranges from 35 to 60 pounds per square inch, and this project will increase pressure to range from 55 to 80 pounds per square inch, which is normal water pressure for most others in the City.

This project will be completed by utilizing an abandoned waterline under 238th as a carrying pipe for a new waterline under the roadway. This method will prevent traffic delays on 238th, and prevent a lot of excavation. We are still wrapping up the design work, and hope to start the project later this spring. All effected residents will be notified before any construction or service disruptions.