City Hall Closed May 8 to May 10

The day is arriving for the move of City offices from the City Hall to leased office space at the building owned by Pressure Safe LLC at 23335 Northeast Halsey.

City personnel will be moving all our office furnishing and records from May 8 to May 10th, with the City closed for business on those days  We will have significant difficulties accommodating requests on all three of the move days, so if you anticipate needing to get a permit, pay a bill, or see a City employee, please try to arrange to get that accomplished before, or after, the move dates. You can also pay your utility bill online at any time.

The City Hall at the intersection of Halsey and 238th will remain the location for public meetings through the end of May.  All office operations will move to the leased space, but the public meeting area of the City Council chambers will remain in use.

The sale of the property the City owns at the intersection of 238th and Halsey will close near the end of June.  At that time, the new purchasers of the land, Williams/Dame and Associates, will take possession of all of the property, including the City Hall building.  The timing and method for how the building will be demolished or removed is not known at this time.

Starting the 13th of May, we will be in the new location.  We urge residents to come visit the new (to us) office location.