Community Feedback Wanted

Municipal Code Revision Question

The City is considering revising two sections of the City’s Municipal Code. The first deals with the parking of larger commercial vehicles.  The second item is noise related.

Commercial Parking in Residential Areas

The current code reads that it is not allowed to have a commercial vehicle which exceeds eight thousand pounds gross weight, twenty-one feet in length, or eight feet in height parked in the driveway or parking area in a residential zone unless it is a vehicle that is routinely on standby and necessary to use under emergency circumstances.  Newer pickup trucks can have a weight and length that exceeds this standard, but since it’s not a commercial vehicle it’s okay.  Even though a community member can have a personal vehicle that exceeds these provisions, someone who uses the same or similar truck for work cannot park it at their home.   There are also some semi-truck drivers who live in the City and park their trucks at home for the few days they are here each month.  We know this occurs, and there have been very few complaints on it over the years.  The Council wants to know if we should revise our rules on it.  Long term parking on streets, blocking views from driveways and streets, and restricting access would still be prohibited.

Weekend Construction Noise in Residential Areas

The current code outlines that construction activity is not allowed except between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., on weekdays.  We know that several people complete improvement projects over the weekend.  Whether it’s building a shed or repairing a deck, sometimes that only time of people have is on the weekends.  The Council wants to know if the noise code should be revised to allow non-commercial weekend construction work from 10am-7pm on weekends.  All other noise regulations would remain in place.

The Council has asked for your input and feedback and will use it to determine next steps.  Next steps may include drafting the code revisions as outlined above and taking it to a hearing, crafting some other kind of revisions based on your feedback and taking that to a hearing, or not take any action at all if the community likes the code the way it is.  Let us know what you think:

Municipal Code Revision Feedback