FOG Compliance for Food Service Establishments

Code Compliance

Per Wood Village Municipal Code (WVMC 13.08.140), all food service establishments (FSE) must have and maintain a grease interceptor device to prevent fats, oils and grease (FOG) from entering the public wastewater system.

If you are a new FSE or have not filled out this form previously, please fill out the electronic form below or email the PDF version to our Code Specialist.


As a food service establishment, or FSE, you have certain responsibilities for wastewater discharged from fixtures in the food preparation and cooking areas. Chances are you were required to install one of two types of devices:

  • Gravity Grease InterceptorGravity Grease Interceptor (GGI) – large outdoor device around 1,000 gallons and up
    • Minimum service cycle (pump out frequency) is every 3 months
    • Variances for semi-annual servicing may be granted for facilities that demonstrate low FOG accumulation rates in their GGI
  • Hydromechanical grease interceptorHydromechanical Grease Interceptor (HGI) – small or medium sized indoor device
    • Minimum service cycle (pump out frequency) is every 3 months
    • Monthly servicing is recommended, especially for FSEs that generate higher amounts of FOG

Supporting Documents

FOG Compliance Form (PDF)

FOG Compliance Sheet

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