Stormwater Inspection Program

Annual Reporting for Privately-Owned Facilities

Per the City’s requirement for on-site storm water treatment and detention, we annually request a report documenting the maintenance and operation of privately-owned storm water facilities. Stormwater facility operators should annually report to the City using the Annual Stormwater Facility Report (PDF), which should be submitted to the City Engineering Technician.

The Deadline to Report for This Year Is December 1, 2023

Complete Annual Report (PDF)

Stormwater Requirements

As part of our National Pollutant and Discharge Elimination (NPDES) permits, the City of Wood Village is required to ensure the proper operation and maintenance of privately-owned stormwater facilities. To meet these requirements, we request annual reports from owners and operators summarizing inspection and care of facilities.

All developments with post-construction stormwater runoff controls are required to follow the operations and management (O&M) instructions determined by the engineer or designer. Stormwater plans are approved in our permitting process based on the assumption that appropriate action will be taken to ensure facilities stay functional. More information can be found in our Municipal Code.

Stormwater Facilities Include:

  • All catch basins, storm drain pipes, and manholes that are not publicly-owned
  • Flow control structures, such as detention pipes/tanks
  • Infiltration structures, such as drywells or soakage trenches
  • Pollution control structures, such as stormfilters or oil/water separators
  • Vegetated stormwater controls, such as swales, detention ponds, and rain gardens

Stormwater Standards

Wood Village has adopted City of Portland Stormwater management standards. See the documents below for guidance on maintaining your facilities. Depending on the operation and maintenance instructions provided by the design engineer for your development, some facilities may require additional considerations. Structural controls will typically have O&M requirements specified by the manufacturer.

If you have any questions or need assistance determining the needs of your site, please contact our Engineering Technician, Kyler Roberts, by email or by phone.

If you need help cleaning your storm drains, the City of Gresham offers discounted services through its Stormdrain Cleaning Assistance Program (SCAP). The current rate is $60 per drain for removal of debris. For more information, visit the City of Gresham’s website.

Stormwater Contacts

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