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On May 26, 2022, the Wood Village City Council and Planning Commission took action to adopt Zoning and Development Code revisions to be in compliance with HB 2001.

The revisions took effect June 26, 2022.

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In April 2022, the City Council, with the help of a Portland State Graduate Student Capstone project, presented and shared with the community a concept on tiny home housing. Based on the research and the community feedback, the Council decided not to move forward with the concept.

You can learn more about the concept, what the feedback and concerns were, as well as a report from the Capstone Team on how other places could implement tiny homes below.

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Call the Planning Department at 503-667-6211 or email with any questions on our land use planning and zoning process.


Supporting Documents

Land Use Application Form (PDF)

Comprehensive Plan (PDF)

Transportation System Plan – 2017 Update (PDF)