Tiny Homes and RVs

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the tiny home concept and to provide your feedback.  It is important to note that no vote on this has been scheduled, and we ask that you provide your input by May 26th so we can present it to the Planning Commission and City Council at the June 16th meeting.  That meeting will be used to review all the feedback and talk about next steps.  There’s a lot to learn about this concept, and most questions can be answered by reading the information below.  In general this is

  • What – Consider modifying the code to allow living in an RV or tiny home if a homeowner gets permits, has all utility connections, and places the unit as as outlined below.
  • Why – Question came up after fire evacuees in Fall 2020 landed in Wood Village, and could this be an option for housing.
  • When – We are collecting feedback until May 26th, presentation to Planning commission and Council on June 16th, any vote would be after this meeting.

One of the most common questions is why this is being considered. There are many reasons.  Several people came to Wood Village to evacuate the fall fires of 2020 and some stayed in RVs/campers.  Some of the people lost their homes and had nowhere to go.  The City worked with those people to eventually move to another place, and the question was raised if they could have stayed here longer.  In addition, increasing housing costs have created limited housing choices and tiny homes/RVs were seen as a potential housing option especially in those cases where a property owner had family or close friends that could benefit from this housing option.  Lastly, nationwide there are a lot of discussions and conversations around tiny homes.  The City wanted to see what the community of Wood Village thought about the concept.  See the other common questions and answers below:

Common FAQ (PDF)

Research Memo (PDF)


What is the concept?

As currently developed the main elements of the concept include:

  • In the LR 7.5 and LR 12 zones, 1 (one) tiny home on wheels or RV could be placed behind the primary home on a property after submitting a permit application to site the unit and separate permits for the required utilities.
  • A tiny home on wheels or RV would be required to have permitted utility connections, including water, sewer, and electricity.
  • The unit must be on an approved pad and within the setbacks of the zone.
  • The two images below outline where a tiny home could go, as well as the utility connections.
Click for a larger view


Additional FAQs on the concept (PDF)


Don’t forget to let your voice and view be heard.  Even if you already emailed or came to the open house, please leave an additional comment below.  All comments will be printed and made publicly available for the June 16th meeting.  This includes any emails as well as the comments from the open house.

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