Home-Based Business

Home-based business licenses are for activities that are typically for individuals or businesses conducting business out of their residential home.  Both the Home Based Business Application and the Business License Application must be submitted along with the fees listed on the applications.  Once the business is established a Business License Renewal Application and fee are required each January.


Home-Based Business Application (PDF)

Business License Application (PDF)


Business License Application (PDF)

  • No home shall be used as headquarters for the assembly of employees for instructions or other purposes such as being dispatched for work at other locations.
  • All aspects of the business of a home occupation shall be conducted within the residence.
  • Any home occupancy which causes unusual automotive or pedestrian traffic or which causes odor, dust, smoke, noise, glare, heat, vibration or similar causes discernible on the outside of any building is not permitted.
  • No enlargement or alteration to a home for the sole purpose of conducting business is permitted if it is not consistent with the residential nature of the home.
  • The home shall at all times be maintained as residential in appearance, cleanliness, and quietness.
  • Dimensions, power rating or weight of such equipment and tools used in the conduct of a home occupation shouldn’t exceed that of normal household equipment and tools.
  • No exterior signs should be used; no other on-site advertising visible from the outside should be used which informs the public of the address of the home occupation.
  • Any materials used or any item produced or repaired on the property shall not be displayed or stored where it is visible from the exterior of the building.
  • The number of customers allowed in a home occupation residence is limited to:
    • No more than 8 customers may enter the home on a daily basis,
    • No more than 2 customers may enter the premises at any single time, and
    • No customers may enter the premises between 10:00 pm and 8:00 am.
  • There shall be no outside storage of materials or equipment associated with the home occupation.
  • No storage or use of explosive, flammable, radioactive, toxic or other hazardous materials that are not normally found in the home that are not in amounts that are normally associated with a residence. Specific limitations and requirements for the storage of hazardous materials in a residence are found in and regulated by the Uniform Building Code
  • No more than 20% of the total floor area of the dwelling unit shall be used for the home occupation.
  • Accessory buildings or yard space shall not be used for home occupation purposes.