Requests for Proposals and Bids


The City of Wood Village, Oregon will be accepting bids until 2 pm Thursday September 12, 2019, for the Donald L. Robertson Park Enhancement and Gorge Hub Project.  Submittals from qualified contractors licensed in the State of Oregon will be publicly opened and read.

The bid award will be based on the itemized total.

Project Description:
Construction of a recreational Hub located at the westerly end of the Columbia Gorge at Donald L. Robertson Park in City of Wood Village.  The project is designed to meet the needs of visitors and the local community.  The enhancements will include many different amenities:  U-fix-it bike station, bike parking, solar charging station, retaining walls, way-finding information, interpretive panels, concrete walkway/ramp to meet ADA standards, and drinking fountain. The proposed work shall be performed in accordance with the plans and specifications. General work description to include but not limited to demolition of various materials, vegetation planting, clearing, grading, concrete and asphalt work.

Project Schedule:
Bid Opening                            September 12, 2019
Award Contract                       September 19, 2019
Notice to Proceed                   September 23, 2019
Project Completion                 December 31, 2019

The City also requires that submittals be presented to the project manager that will be reviewed by Public Works. The final inspection, walk-through and completed punch-list items will be followed by a written approval and final billing.

Instructions to Bidders:

  • Proposers shall be aware that this project is subject to compliance with Prevailing Wage Rate Laws and Federal Labor Standards.
  • Proposals are to be mailed or delivered to the:
  • City of Wood Village
    Public Works Department
    23335 NE Halsey St
    Wood Village, OR 97060
  • Proposals shall be identified on the exterior of the sealed envelope including bidder’s name, address and business license number.
  • Proposers shall include with their proposal a Bid Bond to the amount of 5% of the Bid price.  Proposers must show that they are licensed and bonded in Oregon.
  • Any questions regarding this project should be directed to John Niiyama, Public Works Director, prior to the submittal deadline at (503) 489-6857, or

Bid Document Format: 
Written bids must be submitted in the format outlined herein. Each bid will be reviewed to determine if it is complete prior to actual evaluation.

Bid Document Content: 
The written bid should provide background information about the company, its employees, and its experience with related projects and clients. Specifically, the bid document should address the following information:

  1. Company profile listing: name, address, contractor license number, year established, type of ownership, and size of company and staff. The same information shall be provided of all subcontractors to be used on the project.
  2. Current company workload and the ability to perform this work within the limitations of the project schedule. (See above)
  3. Proposed approach to the project which includes schedule for each stage of work, timing, and park impact.
  4. A detailed itemization of work to include all concrete, rock/fill, and asphalt replacement (cut sheets for each) with corresponding compensation the company expects to be paid for performing the services required to complete this project.
  5. At all times during the existence of this Agreement, the contractor shall maintain at its own cost, general liability and property damage insurance ($2,000,000 per incident, $2,000,000 aggregate), vehicle insurance ($2,000,000 per incident) and any workers compensation coverage as required by law. Copies of the insurance certificates must be attached to the submitted quote.