Administration and Personnel

2.04 City Council

2.04.005 Council Rules of Procedure to be Adopted by Resolution

Pursuant to Wood Village Charter Chapter IV, Section 14, the Wood Village City Council shall adopt rules for the government of its members and proceedings by resolution. The City Council may amend such procedures from time to time as the Council deems appropriate. (Ord. 6-2011).

2.06 City Manager

2.06.010 City Manager
2.06.020 Manager Pro Tem
2.06.030 Interference in Administration
2.06.040 Surety Bond

2.06.010 City Manager

A. Authority; Appointment; Qualifications:

The City Manager shall be the chief administrative officer of the City and shall be responsible to the City Council for the proper administration of those city affairs over which s/he is charged under this section. The office of City Manager shall be filled appointment by a majority of the City Council. The City Manager shall be chosen solely on the basis of administrative qualifications and experience, without regard to political considerations.

B. Term:

The Manager shall be appointed for an indefinite term. Appointment and removal of the Manager by the Council shall require the prior consent of a majority of the full Council recorded at a public meeting. The Manager shall serve at the discretion and pleasure of the City Council.

C. Duties and Responsibilities:

The City Manager shall:

  1. Attend all Council meetings unless excused therefrom by three Councilors or by the Mayor;
  2. Keep the Council advised of the affairs, needs, and financial condition of the City;
  3. Provide for the administration and enforcement of all City ordinances and regulations to the satisfaction of the Council;
  4. Ensure that all terms of franchises, leases, contracts, permits and privileges granted by the City are fulfilled
  5. Appoint, discipline and remove appointive personnel, except for appointees of the City Council;
  6. Supervise and control all appointed officers and employees in their service to the City except for the municipal judge in the exercise of his/her judicial duties;
  7. Organize and reorganize the departmental structure of city government to the end of obtaining the utmost efficiency;
  8. Prepare and transmit an annual City budget to the Budget Committee for consideration and recommendation to the City Council. The Manager shall have the authority to freeze or to administratively reduce appropriations within any department as s/he deems necessary for the proper fiscal management of the City.
  9. Act as purchasing agent for the City, execute such contracts as approved by Council or for which the Council has delegated authority, and administer City contracts and purchases.
  10. Supervise operation of all City-owned public utilities and property.
  11. After authorization from the Council, conduct all aspects of real property transactions on behalf of the City; and
  12. Perform other duties as the Council prescribes consistent with the city charter.

2.06.020 Manager Pro Tem

During the absence of the Manager from the City, during a temporary disability to act as Manager or during the interim when the Council is seeking a Manager, the Council may appoint a Manager Pro Tem who shall have the responsibilities and discharge the duties of the Manager during such absence or disability only.

2.06.030 Interference in Administration

No member of the Council shall directly or indirectly, by suggestion or otherwise, attempt to influence or coerce the Manager in the making of any appointment or removal of any officer or employee or in the purchase of supplies; or attempt to extract any promise relative to any appointment from any candidate for Manager; or discuss directly or indirectly with him/her the matter of specific appointments to any City office or employment. Nothing in this section shall be construed however, as prohibiting the Council from fully and freely discussing with or suggesting to the Manager anything pertaining to City affairs or the best interests of the City. (Ord. 14-2000 § 1 new).

2.06.040 Surety Bond

Before assuming the duties of office, the Manager shall give a surety bond for such penal sum as the Council shall necessary to safeguard the finances of the city, which bond shall be executed by the manager as principal, and as surety by a corporate surety company authorized and licensed by the Insurance Commissioner of the state of Oregon to transact a surety business within the state of Oregon, and which bond shall continue in full force and effect during the incumbency of the Manager. Such bond shall be approved by the Council. All premiums for surety bonds for the Manager shall be paid by the city.

At the discretion of the Council the City may purchase insurance in lieu of the surety bond requirement if such insurance is equivalent to said surety bond and is deemed to provide more appropriate coverage.(New Ord. 8-2007 § 1, Ord. 5-2015).

2.08 City Recorder

2.08.010 Office and Duties

The City Recorder is the person or persons designated by the City Manager to perform the functions of the city recorder as set forth in the Charter, Municipal Code, and state statute.

2.16 Municipal Judge Pro Tempore

2.16.010 Office created.
2.16.020 Appointment—Qualifications—Compensation.
2.16.030 Performance of duties when.
2.16.040 Powers and duties.

2.16.010 Office created

The office of pro tempore municipal judge of the municipal court of the city is created. (Ord. 2-1974 § 1)

2.16.020 Appointment—Qualifications—Compensation.

The municipal judge pro tempore of the municipal court of the city shall be appointed by and hold office at the pleasure of the Wood Village City Council. The City Council shall be the sole judge of the qualifications necessary for the appointment of such office. The amount and manner of compensation payable for the services of said judge pro tempore shall be provided by the Council. (Ord. 2-1974 § 2)

2.16.030 Performance of duties when

The municipal judge pro tempore of the municipal court of the city shall serve and act only when the chief municipal judge of the city, the City Recorder, is unable to perform his duties by reason of absence from the city, illness, vacations, or disqualification by reason of knowledge or relationship to the cause before him, or in case of disqualification due to potential or actual conflicts relating to the matters at hand. (Ord. 2-1974 § 3)

2.16.040 Powers and duties

When serving in the capacity as municipal judge of the city, the municipal judge pro tempore shall have and exercise all the inherent and statutory powers and duties granted to the municipal judge of the city in accordance with Chapter 5, Section 22, of the Charter of the city and as provided by applicable city ordinances and state law. (Ord. 2-1974 § 4).

2.20 Parks and Recreation Commission

2.20.010 Established—Membership and compensation.
2.20.020 Terms of office and vacancies.
2.20.030 Meetings and records.
2.20.040 Powers and duties.

2.20.010 Established—Membership and compensation

There is established a Parks and Recreation Commission for the city which shall consist of seven (7) members appointed by the City Council: one a member of the City Council; one a member of the Planning Commission; and five (5) citizens at large. Commission members shall serve without compensation. (Ord. 3-1990, 5-2010 § 1)

2.20.020 Terms of office and vacancies

The first appointments shall be made so that the terms of three of the Commission members, including the City Council member, expire on December 31, 1992 and the terms of the two remaining members, including the Planning Commission member, expire on December 31, 1991. Thereafter, appointments shall be for terms of two years. Three consecutive unexcused absences for any commissioner shall constitute an automatic resignation and the position is then vacant. An unexcused absence is any absence from a regular or special meeting of the Commission without the prior authorization from the Commission Chair. Should the Chair require an absence, the Chair must report such in advance to the City Manager. Vacancies shall be filled by the City Council for the unexpired portion of the vacant term. (Ord. 3-1990 § 2; Ord. 14-2010)

2.20.030 Meetings and records

The Parks and Recreation Commission shall hold meetings at the direction of the City Council and as determined by the Commission. The Commission shall annually elect one of its members as chairman. All meetings of the Commission shall be open to the public and a record of the proceedings shall be made and kept on file in the office of the City Recorder. (Ord. 3-1990 § 3)

2.20.040 Powers and duties

The Parks and Recreation Commission shall be advisory to the City Council on matters pertaining to development, operation and maintenance of city park facilities and recreation services for the public. Responsibilities shall include recommending an adequate system of recreation areas and facilities, and reviewing the effectiveness of the city’s park and recreation program in meeting the public need. (Ord. 3-1990 § 4)

2.24 Planning Commission

2.24.010 Established.
2.24.020 Membership and compensation.
2.24.030 Terms of office and vacancies.
2.24.040 Officers.
2.24.050 Meetings, quorum, offices.
2.24.060 Interest limitations.
2.24.070 Conflict of interest.
2.24.080 Powers and duties.
2.24.090 Coordination with other governmental agencies.
2.24.100 Report to the Council.
2.24.110 Expenses.

2.24.010 Established

There is established a Planning Commission for the city, and the name of this Commission shall be and so referred to as the Planning Commission of the City of Wood Village. (Ord. 1-1974 § 1)

2.24.020 Membership and compensation

The membership of this Commission shall consist of five members who shall be appointed by the City Council; one member of the Commission may be a city officer who shall serve as ex officio members without vote; all other members shall be voting members. Commission members shall receive no compensation but shall be reimbursed for duly authorized expenses. (Ord. 1-1974 § 2, Ord. 5-2015)

2.24.030 Terms of office and vacancies

At the first meeting of the Commission the members thereof, except the ex officio members, shall choose their terms of office by lot as follows: one for one year, two for two years, two for three years, and two for four years. Immediately thereafter, the members shall notify the Council in writing of such allotment. Their successors shall hold office for four years; vacancies shall be filled by the City Council for the unexpired portion of the vacant term. A member may be removed by the City Council after hearing for misconduct or nonperformance of duty. Three consecutive unexcused absences for any commissioner shall constitute an automatic resignation and the position is then vacant. An unexcused absence is any absence from a regular or special meeting of the Commission without the prior authorization from the Commission Chair. Should the Chair require an absence, the Chair must report such in advance to the City Manager.
(Ord. 1-1974 § 3, Ord. 14-2010)

2.24.040 Officers

The Commission shall elect from among its members appointed by the City Council, a president and vice president; these officers shall hold office at the pleasure of the Commission; a secretary shall also be elected by the Commission but need not be a member thereof

2.24.050 Meetings, quorum, offices

The Commission may make and establish such rules and regulations as prove necessary for its government and procedure, consistent with the laws of the state, the City Charter and ordinances; a majority of the members of the Commission constitute a quorum; meetings shall be held as necessary to complete all issues pending before the Commission. The City shall assure the Planning Commission has appropriate staff capacity to maintain all official records, complete notice and posting requirements, and to receive appropriate reports on issues pending for consideration.

2.24.060 Interest limitations

No more than two voting members of the Commission shall be engaged principally in the buying, selling or developing of real estate for profit as individuals, or be members of any partnership, or officers or employees of any corporation that is engaged principally in the buying, selling or developing of real estate for profit. No more than two voting members shall be engaged in the same kind of business, trade or profession. (Ord. 1-1974 § 6)

2.24.070 Conflict of interest

A member of a Planning Commission shall not participate in any Commission proceeding or action in which any of the following has a direct or substantial financial interest: a member or his spouse, brother, sister, child, parent, father-in-law, mother-in-law, any business in which he is then serving or has served within the previous two years, or any business with which he is negotiating for, has an arrangement or understanding concerning prospective partnership or employment. Any actual or potential interest shall be disclosed at the meeting of the Commission where the action is being taken. (Ord. 1-1974 § 7)

2.24.080 Powers and duties

The Commission is charged with the express duty of administering and enforcing the zoning ordinance of the city and shall have the powers and duties set forth therein and govern themselves accordingly; in addition, the Commission is charged with the duties and given the powers as set forth in Oregon Revised Statutes, Chapter 227, as may be applicable to Planning Commissions so formed, and in particular those enumerated in Oregon Revised Statutes 227.090. At all times, said Commission shall act in a manner consistent with the laws of the state of Oregon, the Charter and ordinances of the City. (Ord. 1-1974 § 8)

2.24.090 Coordination with other governmental agencies

In those instances in which other governmental agencies, including those agencies of other cities, Multnomah County, a regional or state agency, may be involved by their duties in the processes of determining overall area planning or land use guidelines, directives or requirements which could or may relate to the planning and land use function of the city, this agency shall, upon directive given by resolution of the City Council, have the responsibility to coordinate the planning functions of the city with those of the other agency or agencies concerned, consistent with the goals and objectives set forth by this Commission and adopted by the City Council and consistent with the ordinances and resolutions and policies of this city pertaining thereto. This Commission may, upon directive of the City Council, appoint one of its members to serve as a “coordinating” member of such other agency or Commission to serve as representative of this Commission and the City thereupon. (Ord. 1-1974 § 9)

2.24.100 Report to the Council

The Commission shall may provide annual reports to the City Council of activities undertaken, and shall provide any other reports requested by the City Council.

2.24.110 Expenses

Such expenses as the Commission may lawfully incur, including the necessary disbursements incurred by its members in the performance of their duties as members of the Commission, shall be paid from duly appropriated funds designated therefore, and subject to all adopted administrative and policy requirements adopted by the City.

2.32 Contracts

2.32.010 Contract review board

The City Council of the City of Wood Village d serves as the local contract review board under ORS 279A.060. The City Council shall exercise all of the powers conferred on the local public contract review board by state law, except as those powers may be limited by the City Charter. The City Council may adopt and amend public contracting rules, special procurements, and exemptions pursuant to the State of Oregon Public Contracting Code by resolution. (Ord. 8-2002 § 1; Ord. 3-1976 § 6,)

2.36 Development Agency

2.36.010 Authorization to create development agency.
2.36.020 Advisory board.
2.36.030 Funding, salaries and expenditures.

2.36.010 Authorization to create development agency

Upon the approval and resolution by the City Council as a whole, a city development agency may be established for the purpose of promoting and assisting in the development of recreational, tourist, commercial and industrial facilities within the city, either directly by the city or through private means and organizations, in such ways and manner as would promote the best interests of and benefit the city, its residents and inhabitants. (Ord. 1-1979 § 1 (part))

2.36.020 Advisory board

If such an agency is created, an advisory board shall be established, consisting of not more than five interested citizens who are residents of the city, one of whom shall be a member of the City Council; the board members shall be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the City Council. It shall be the purpose of the board to formulate plans and projects and otherwise recommend procedures to the Council, which shall promote and encourage the development of tourist, commercial and industrial and recreational facilities within the city, which shall, in fact, promote and benefit the city, its residents and inhabitants. (Ord. 1-1979 § 1 (part))

2.36.030 Funding, salaries and expenditures

The city development agency, if established, shall be funded by the city by the designation of not more than one percent of the tax collected under Section 3.08.020; provided, however, that said agency shall be authorized to accept donations and contributions from interested persons and organizations to assist in its work. No member of the development agency shall receive a wage or salary for his or her service thereupon, and all expenditures must be made in accordance with established budgetary procedures and only after Council approval. (Ord. 1-1979 § 1 (part))

2.38 Urban Renewal Agency

2.38.10 Purpose
2.38.20 District Established
2.38.30 Membership
2.38.40 Powers of the Urban Renewal Board

2.28.10 Purpose

Based on the findings in the Wood Village Urban Renewal Plan and Report, blighted areas exist within the City as defined by state statute, and such blighted areas negatively affect economic value, health, safety and welfare of the City. As such, there is a need for an Urban Renewal Agency to function within the City. (Ord. 6-2010)

2.38.20 District Established

After consideration and recommendation of approval by the Planning Commission on January 25, 2010 and the Urban Renewal Agency on February 23, 2010, the City Council adopted Ordinance 6-2010 on February 23, 2010. This ordinance approves the Urban Renewal Plan and Report and establishes the Wood Village Urban Renewal District.

2.38.30 Membership

The Urban Renewal Board shall consist of a minimum of five (5) members appointed by a majority vote of the Council and consisting of a minimum of three (3) members of the City Council and minimum of two (2) members of the public at-large, who may or may not be residents of the City.

2.38.40 Powers of the Urban Renewal Board

All powers and authority as provided by statute, the City Charter, and the Wood Village Municipal Code shall be vested in the Wood Village Urban Renewal Board.