Waste Less & Recycle Right

Not sure what stuff goes in the recycle bin? When in doubt, find out. Download the In/Out Recycling Poster (PDF) or visit Recycle or Not for more information.

Contact Metro for easy options to recycle, donate or reuse anything from batteries and packing peanuts to that old dishwasher. Call (503) 234-3000 or search Metro’s recycler directory.

See our Recycling Guide (PDF).

What’s bad for the bin?

  • Tangles. Stuff that tangles and clogs sorting machines; Hoses, cords, clothes
  • Film. Plastic wrap and bags. No bagged recyclables
  • Hazardous material. Batteries, propane tanks, needles, paint.
  • Yuck. Foods, liquids, diapers and pet waste
  • Wishful. Clamshells, straws, to-go containers and cups

What goes in your recycling bin? Recycling: all recyclables must be clean, empty, and loose when they go in the cart. Scrap paper, envelopes, wrapping paper, paper egg cartons. Glass: Glass myst be recycled separately in your glass-recycling bin. Mix all colors. Labels ok.  Plastic bottles, metal cans, aluminum foil, aerosol cans. Milk and drink cartons. Keep out of recycling: dirty takeout boxes, plastic shopping bags, plastic shell containers, coffee cups, hazardous waste (motor oil, pesticide, etc.) paint cans, batteries.