Shutoffs/Delinquent Accounts

  • Utility Bills Due on the 15th
  • Late Fees Accessed on/after the 20th

Example Utility Bill

  • Mailed August 31st
  • Due September 15th
  • Late Fee September 25th
  • Arrangement/Payment Deadline October 24th
  • Shutoff Date October 25th

How to Avoid Shutoff

  • A shutoff notice will be sent out several days prior to the City shutting off service for non-payment.
  • The shutoff occurs in the month after the late fee is assessed.
  • Payment arrangements can be made any time before the shutoff day.

What Happens After Shutoff

  • If payment is not received before the shut-off day you will be assessed a fee of $55.
  • The assessed fee and the past due balance with all penalties must be paid in full before service will be restored.
  • There is also a fee of $250 for cutting a water meter lock or tampering with a water meter.