Keeping of Chickens

Keeping Chickens in Wood Village

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The City of Wood Village allows residents in certain areas of the City (LR 7.5 Zone) to keep up to three chickens.  There are strict requirements and certain conditions that must be met before a resident is permitted to keep chickens.  A permit is required and there is a one-time $50 processing fee.

Chickens are permitted on most properties on the following streets:

  • Walnut Avenue
  • Birch Avenue
  • Elm Avenue
  • 238th Drive
  • Maple Boulevard
  • Ash Avenue
  • Cedar Lane
  • Hawthorne Boulevard
Chickens must be kept in a fully enclosed structure or pen like the one shown at all times.


Q: Are Roosters or other wild birds such as ducks allowed?

A: No, only the common domestic chicken Species gallus gallus domesticus is allowed in the City.


Q: Why are only some sections of the City allowed to keep chickens?

A: Not all sections of the City would be a good fit for keeping chickens. Property size, existing fences and distance from other homes were taken into consideration.


Q: I have a question or concern about chickens in my neighborhood, who should I call?

A: City Hall at 503-667-6211

A person may keep three or fewer chickens (roosters excluded) on any one lot or parcel if the person resides in a single family dwelling in the LR 7.5 Zone. A permit and $50.00 fee must be submitted and approved by the City of Wood Village prior to keeping any chickens.

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