Current Projects

Current and Upcoming Projects

New City Hall

  • As part of the pending sale of the City Hall site, the City is currently reviewing architectural firms to help with the design and location of a new City Hall
  • The sale of the City Hall site is still pending, and is anticipated to close in August 2018
  • City Hall will relocate to a yet determined temporary location after the sale is completed

Park Irrigation Expansion

  • The City is currently working on renovating and expanding the irrigation system at the park
  • This CDBG funded project will expand the irrigation system to the arboretum, and renovate the current system in the play fields
  • The design work will be completed this year (2018), with construction and use in 2019

Cedar Lane Reconstruction

Cottonwood Water Pressure Project

  • To better serve this section of the City that lacks higher water pressure, the City is investigating difference methods to deliver higher pressure
  • This project is anticipated to be completed in 2018

Past Projects

  • Full cleaning and inspection of all City sewer lines
  • Complete rebuild of Stanley St. and Holt Ct.
  • Upgraded sewer line in Halsey
  • Water line extension and fire hydrant project in Wood Village Green