Donald L. Robertson Park

The Crown Jewel of Wood Village

Donald L. Robertson Park located at 24300 NE Halsey features activities for all ages including:

  • Playground with toys for young and older children
  • Basketball court
  • Open field area for soccer and baseball
  • A nature trail that wanders through the entire park including the wetland area.

Hold your Family or Business Event at the Park

Playground and sports court

  • The playground area is outfitted with safety surfaces to protect children while providing a more enjoyable and stable surface for all.
  • The surface is an engineered wood fiber that is soft, but sturdy enough to support a wheelchair.
  • An enhanced basketball court with a new sports court surface and hoop are available for public use.

Wetlands Wildlife Habitat Preserve at the Park

A boardwalk has been installed over a portion of the wetland area to give visitors a closer view of the wetland while allowing dry passage to other areas of the park.

The wetlands wildlife habitat protects and enhances the creek’s ecosystem and it provides benefits to our community. Benefits include:

  • Maintaining proper water flow and meeting clean water standards in Arata Creek
  • Prevent seasonal flooding from affecting neighboring properties
  • Improve wildlife habitat in the watershed, including habitat for water fowl, endangered Columbia Gorge turtles, and fish
  • Create an opportunity to reintroduce native plant species
  • Provide a natural environment for citizens to engage with a properly managed stream ecosystem.
  • A learning center overlooking the wetlands area which provides an atmosphere for students to view learn about our ecosystem.

The preserve has a regional impact as it is located in Metro-classified Regionally Significant Habitat Class II and Class III Riparian areas.

This project created a Wetlands Pond and Habitat  Preserve on Arata Creek in the Park. The funds to create the pond and preserve came from our $293,000 local share of the Metro Parks Bond that was passed in 2006.

Gazebo in the Park

  • With the help of the Rotary Club, a gazebo was constructed in the northern grove area of the park.
  • This feature of the park is available for people and groups to rent for gatherings such as parties, weddings, or music festivals.


  • With the recent addition of a Dogwood, 2 different varieties of Maples and Oaks, Kwanzan Cherry, Red Alder, and Capital Pear, there are now 30+ trees in the arboretum.
  • The eastern portion of the Arboretum is dedicated to native shrubs including some edible varieties such as huckleberry and blueberry.

The arboretum is still be undergoing improvements including:

  • Additions of more trees and shrubs.
  • Park goers will eventually be able to easily identify trees after name plaques are installed.
  • This 2-acre section of the park offers spectacular fall colors and plant diversity for the enjoyment of visitors daily.