Short-Term Vacation Rentals


In 2020, the City of Wood Village amended the Wood Village Zoning and Development Code allowing for new short-term rental use (Airbnb, VRBO, etc) for periods of 30 consecutive days or less. The allowance for short-term rentals is limited to the following zoning areas of Wood Village:

  • Light Residential (LR) 7.5
  • Light Residential (LR) 12
  • Multi Residential (MR) 2
  • Multi Residential (MR) 4
  • Town Center (TC)
  • Neighborhood Commercial (NC)
How to Apply

Depending on the zoning area, only certain types of short-term rentals are permitted and require specific permits and tax forms. Completed forms can be submitted at City Hall or emailed to the City at

Full Household Rental

Only permitted in Town Center and Neighborhood Commercial zones.

Room/Partial Home Rental

Permitted if principal housing unit is also owner-occupied during short-term rental period.

ADU Rental

Only permitted if either the ADU or the principal housing unit are owner-occupied during short-term rental period.


Supporting Documents

Transient Lodging Tax Form (PDF)

Home Occupancy Permit (PDF)

Wood Village Zoning Map (PDF)